Updates for January 1999!

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Happy New Year!!!

Hope you're all enjoying 1999 so far! I know you're probably ALREADY sick of Prince aka The Artist Formerly Known as Prince aka O(+> 's old song '1999', but oh well. I thought of this a while before people decided this would be a song to play on the radio all the time, so there!


Today I did a lot of little work, like corrections and such. So there's some pages I corrected little things which I'm not counting as updates. So those pages include Backstreet Boys and All Saints. Most of the corrections are for spelling.

On the Alanis Lyrics pages I made the links to the albums go directly to the top of the lyrics for that album, not just the page.

As well I put a links at the top of the I&I Transcription to go down to the lyrics to the songs Alanis performed.

On the main Alanis page I made a number of small updates, including news, links, bio, and other small stuff like that. As well I changed the colours etc.

I also added/remove/updated some links on the links page.

Finally I added a whole ton of credits.

Happy New Year again!!


Today: I updated the Alanis news, Push news and Jaime Pressly's Bio, added pictures on the Links page, added an All Saints picture on that page, and that's about it!!


First off, seeing as I didn't do an update thing for Sunday the 3rd, here it is: I added some Useless Facts, and updated the Alanis news and some other small things, as well as adding a MIDI for You Learn.

Now, for today. The Push page hit 2000 a few days ago (yay!).

Also today I updated the Alanis news, as well as adding a section for the award nominations for Alanis and the Backstreet Boys. They are considered under construction right now, because there's very little there.

Soon I will have all the Grammys, Golden Globes, etc... that they are nominated for and who they're pitted against.

So that's it, have a great one!


All right I did a lot of work on the award nomination sections today. So Alanis' Grammy and Golden Globe nominations, the Backstreet Boys Grammy and AMA nominations, and Dawson's Creek and Friends' People's Choice nominations are all up.

The X-Files nominations will be up soon. Sorry, I ran out of time.

I updated the links on the Alanis, BSB, and All Saints pages to buy their CD's, they should link correctly now.

And finally I added news about Alanis' new single (which is now Unsent, not Joining You), as well as updating the discography as a result.

That's it!!


I added the X-Files Grammy and Golden Globe Nominations


Before I start just mentioning the Alanis Lyrics main page hit 3000 hits the other day.

Today I have a bunch of little updates!

First, I changed the link to the Mix 99.9 (they got a new address).

I added the date for the Golden Globe Awards on the Alanis and X-Files pages.

I made a couple little corrections on the Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie Lyrics and Dawson's Creek pages.

I also added another picture of Jaime Pressly in her new picture "Trash".

I updated the credits too

And that's about it


Today I added a news item on DC (James VDB will be on SNL this Saturday). I updated the META's on The X-Files Page, and I made a few spelling correction on the Alanis I&I page.


Page landmark thingy - Alanis unreleased etc. lyrics @ 1000!

Infoseek isn't listing my site, because of something to do with the pop-up window thing. Which kind of bothers me. So go to Infoseek and ask them very nicely to list my site!!!!

Anyway today I fixed the lyrics to You Oughta Know (Live Grammy Version).

Fixed some link problems on the X-Files pages.

Updated the FAQ.

Fixed a bunch of the spelling on the I&I Transcript.

Fixed some weird text that was showing up in Push Review 6.

Changed the Mix 99.9 Picture on the Links page.

Updated the credits.

Fixed the guestbook sign form

And that's it!!!!!!



Snow day today, shut down most of the city!

Which means I didn't have to go to school [A rare thing in high school], or work! Which also means I've had a little time to update today. That and to watch Alanis on Rosie O'Donnell!

Anyway updates today include:

I updated the links a little bit, fixing things, and changing some things.

I added some useless facts, corrected others, and changed some, as well as adding/changing some of the links on there.

I updated the Alanis news, with some stuff about her Letterman and Rosie appearances. Also I'm putting up the lyrics to those performances soon, so the live performace lyrics page is slightly updated. Also I changed the colours on the lyrics pages, as well as on the main page.

So that's about it!!!


I put up the winners of the People's Choice Awards on the Friends and DC pages [Sadly they both lost].

I updated the FAQ.

And I updated the Push page, as well as trimming up the BSB and Alanis lyrics pages.


All right a bunch of updates today.

First off, I got a new poll (in addition to this first one). You can choose your favourite musical artist, and you can vote on my main, Alanis, All Saints, or Backstreet Boys page.

Also I put up the winners of the American Music Awards on the BSB and Alanis pages. Sadly all the awards that the people on my pages have been nominated for they have not won... Oh well.

And I did a couple big updates on the Push and DC pages. On the Push front, ABC is beginning to dismantle bits of the site, so this is the beginning of the end. Anyway so the write to ABC no longer works, because they've removed it. Anyway I updated the cast info, and some other stuff like that as well. On the Dawson's Creek page, the character info needed a lot of updating, on the main page and the character page, so it's been done!!

And I believe that's it!!



Wow it's been a few days since I've updated... I had to work all weekend, oh well!

First - Page thing - BSB page is at 2000

Anyway today I put up the lyrics/transcript of Alanis on the Late Show. Rosie O'Donnell lyrics/transcript coming soon.

Alanis and All Saints were nominated recently for Brit Awards, so I added those nominations to those pages. If you're wondering why some pages still have the AMA and People's Choice Award Nominations still up, I'm leaving them all up until after the awards show season.

I also updated the Push Character Page a little, as well as taking down the write to ABC thing.



Today I updated the Alanis news. [More single troubles]

And also I updated the Links page. Two of the sites I link to have recently been shut down. One a Lyrics server, and the other a MIDI site. Both of them have been shut down due to copyright issues. WebThumper MIDI's recently shut down mysteriously, leaving only the message "WebThumper MIDI has shut down indefinately due to copyright infringement issues. Sorry for the inconvenience." The International Lyrics Server, one of the best lyrics searches on the Internet, was also recently shut down by a group represent around 6 major record companies. Based in Switzerland, the owners and operators, as well as the Internet Provider of www.lyrics.ch were stormed by Swiss police, and it was shut down. For more information, go to their site, and follow the links. The music industry in general has become extremely paranoid lately of the Internet and computer technology, and has been using extremely old and out-of-date laws to stop the use of ANY copyrighted material on the Internet, targeting mainly MP3's at first, but now apparently MIDI's and lyrics. A number of music-related sites have been recently shut down, in an effort to prevent people from downloading music for free, as opposed to buying the CD. It is reasonable for the industry to prevent MP3's and other direct-copy sound files for download, as these are an extremely cheap alternative to paying for the CD's, and have cost the industry a large amount over the past few years. But MIDI files are simple recreations and interpretations of music, and the lyrics server did not copy ANY of the lyrics directly from the album, they only organised lyrics submitted by users through their newsgroups. These sites are not only not hindering the music industry, but promoting sales by providing links to sites such as CD now, an online compact disc sales site. I will soon set up a poll where you can give your opinion about the legality of such sites, as well as what should be done about them.

Have a good day!


Today and yesterday I put up my poll about the Power of the Music Industry. It's below if you'd like to see it.

Anyway so that went on the Alanis, BSB, All Saints, Main, and links pages.

So all those have been updated.

I changed the MIDI on the JLP Lyrics page to You Learn.

I updated the Fonts page a little, by fixing what pages the fonts are on, I've used them on more pages than I originally did when I made that page.

I also put up the February Updates, in case I don't have time next week.

As a result I updated the Site Map.

I changed a . into a , on the Push character page.

And finally I changed some spelling on the main page, as well as adding a webring.


Today and yesterday I updated and posted together.

First of all, the DC page hit 3000 the other day

I also updated the DC page.

I fixed the polls.

I put up some breaking BSB album news.

I put the counter on the Feb. '99 Updates page.

I put up the Golden Globe Awards winners on the Alanis and The X-Files pages. Yet again, neither won. In fact of all the awards the subjects of my pages were nominated for, none at all have won.

And that's about it!


Hi how's it going??

I might get even more busy soon, so it might be even harder for me to update as much as I'd like....

Anyway today I added a picture to the Push Cast Picture Gallery. It was taken from the new Push review I put up. Push Review #8, taken from www.theherald.org . Anyway so those were updated. Also on that page I made a couple little other updates.

And as a result of the new Push Review, I updated the Site Map.

That's it!


Today I put a counter on the new Push Review.

I also updated the credits

And finally I put up a new 'Write to ABC' thing on the Push page; the old one got taken down on the official site, but ABC now has a thing where you can find your local ABC station. So anyway go write to them and complain!

That's it for today!


Today I updated the Push page with news about EDDIE MILLS ON DAWSON'S CREEK!

Anyway I'm excited about that..

I also added a picture of Jason Behr in Dawson's Creek on the pictures page. Thanks to www.michelle-williams.com

I also made the Push Picture Gallery -- Jason Behr into a Push/Dawson's Creek picture gallery

I fixed a couple actors/characters info on the DC page.

And finally I updated the Alanis news.


A bunch of little updates that ending up making on BIG update.

I edited pushpressly8.jpg, so that it only includes Jaime Pressly, it was taking up too much space.

I added another choice to the music industry poll

I added a couple of lines to the main page, this page, and the useless facts page. The one below, plus the pool cue one on the main page.

I removed WebThumper MIDI from the Links page, as well as fixing any other references to it on other pages, because it has been permanently shut down.

And finally (and this is the HUGE update), I changed the name of the Push page. It is no longer just "Neal Jennings' Push Page", it is now "Push A Little Farther". Catchy don'tchya think?? It actually should be Push a little harder, as in the ABC promos, but I thought I'd be a bit different.

So that involved changing every single Push-related page on my site....

Anyway I also changed a lot of META tags, they've been out-of-date or non-existant for a while, and I need to change even more....

That's it!



Yay last day of the month!

Page landmark, Friends at 1000!

Anyway today I put up a poll on Push A Little Farther, about favourite actor/actress. I also fixed a couple details on the FAQ and Links pages regarding lyrics.ch, it's been partially put back up again.

And the big thing today, and the reason almost all the pages say "Last updated January 31st", is that I fixed the META tags on A LOT of pages (META tags are the things that tell the search engines what to say about the site when they list it).


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